The Zed-7 Epsilon Attack Plushy Toy was part of a plan Coverton was saving for a later date to attack the Monsters. When Coverton left for a snooping mission (and a coffee), Link, Dr. Cockroach and B.O.B. went inside his room, where they discovered the Epsilon. When B.O.B. activated it, the plushy asked for a shutdown code. As B.O.B. introduced himself to the Toy, it took his conversation as the verbal password. Once it finished its recording, it asked for the leader and naturally, B.O.B. pinpointed Susan. It then began to chase the monsters with attacks, whilst they attempted to decipher the password. As the Zed-7 began to attack both Susan and Coverton, claiming the one another was in charge. When it found General Monger, it began its tirade against him. B.O.B. and Dr. C. finally triumphed over the attack plushy with Coverton's snug-me underpants. The Zed-7 Epsilon attack plushy toy was voiced by Jeff Bennett