You Can't Breathe in a Diner in Space! is an episode of Monsters vs. Aliens. It premiered on January 25, 2014.


Dr. Cockroach sends the local diner to the moon, with B.O.B. and the President inside it. It wouldn't be a problem to bring them back, but moments before he was suspended from progressing with this experiment. Also, the president's precious air limit is dwindling. Now, our beloved mad scientist must somehow avoid General Monger and resupply his experiment before a familiar foe strikes.


You Can't Breathe in a Diner in Space!/Script




  • When B.O.B. was asking about President Hathaway's diaper, his mouth barely moved.
  • In Attack of the Movie Night, the real Zombie Moon Ape was black and white, just like its movie counterpart. But in here the ape is in color.
  • It would of been impossible for the Moon Ape to teleport to Earth since he didn't pump it up and it ran out of grease most likely.


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