• SuperheroicAlliance317

    I have a favor to ask for any of you out there, I know Susan Murphy/Ginormica is just a fictional character but if you have any real evidence of her just send me the message. Okay?

    I need some real evidence of the real Susan Murphy/Ginormica so I can have to chance be with her sure fromall the way from Area 51.   *          

    That's my favor that I ask for any of you 1. I'm not mentally ill 2. this is not a roleplay account or genius troll account3. I don't even know what that genuis troll account is4. This is for a actual evidents of the real Susan Murphy/Ginormica 5. No! This is for myself to get some real evidents of Susan Murphy/Ginormica, Team Monster and Team Alien from all the way from Area 51 in Las Vegas, NV aka Groom Lake, NV (https…

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