Agent Unknown

  • I live in Smashville
  • I was born on November 25
  • My occupation is Playing Smash Bros.
  • I am Male, I Repeat, Male!
  • Agent Unknown

    I really enjoy Monsters VS Aliens and i think everything is amazing, especially B.O.B, however i was forced to watch Dora with my little cousin on the computer since he loves dora and guess what i found!

    That Blue Guy at the end looks exactly like B.O.B, the only difference is the eyes, B.O.B has one, that guy has 2 and B.O.B's name is....well B.O.B and that guy's name is Blobby. Almost the same name. Does anyone think Dora has ripped off B.O.B? Please don't send anything rude/offensive/bad in the comments if you don't agree as i'm letting people have their say.

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