In the hangar

Sqweep: (video tapes) Greetings and welcome to another informative edition of Earth studies! For today's entry: (moves closer to the giant volcano) behold, a local classic. The baking soda volcano, built to scale.

In the hallway

Monger (in a different room): No.

Coverton (in a different room): (follows Monger) Please?

(Monger and Coverton enter)

Monger: No.

Coverton: Please?

Monger: No.

Coverton: Please?

Monger: No.

Coverton: Please please, please?!

Monger: No.

Coverton: Cherry on top, please?!

Monger: (stops Coverton) For the last time Coverton, you cannot attend the top-secret aero-tank test.

Coverton: But General, it is a flying tank: a tank, that flies! I simply must attend for, um, fiercely peaceful reasons.

Monger: And just what does a galactic peace ambassador want with a five hundred fifty-ton-voice-controlled-flying-mega weapon of hot doom?!

Coverton: (drools) Oh, flying doom. (chuckles)

Monger: That is some grade A nightmare fuel, son.

In the hangar

Sqweep: (sets the coordinates) And now for the reactive ingrident.

(a vehicle flies to the top of the volcano with a crate of baking soda while the two soldiers are shocked)

Sqweep: (giggles) Science is fun. (blinks)

(the vehicle dropped the baking soda into the volcano and which causes a chemical reaction)

soldier #1: (runs away with the other soldier) Let's get outta here!

(the baking soda explodes into the room)

In the hallway

Monger: You cannot attend the aero-t----(heard a noise) What is that?

(the baking soda from the hangar is seen in the hallway)

Monger: Oh wait!

Coverton: Protect me!

(Monger and Coverton try to avoid the baking soda; the baking soda flooded the entire floor)

Sqweep: (floats by with its scooter) Hmm, I expected a messier reaction. (floats away)

Monger: (sticks out his head) Sqweep, get back here right this... (has baking soda fall on him which causes him to muffle)

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