Sqweep's Memory Wiper was a device that was featured in the episode "That Which Cannot Be Unseen"


It was designed to Erase one's memory from their brain, with any hour they wished to be erase.


When Team Monster and Sqweep witness something horrible in Coverton's room Sqweep introduce the device to the others. However he told them that the device wouldn't work on B.O.B. since he doesn't have a brain. Overtime for nearly 11 hours, the monsters (Minus B.O.B) and Sqweep keep repeatedly using the device as they saw what happen, even though they told B.O.B to make sure they would never see it again. After the last time, B.O.B ate the device, preventing them from using it, as he thinks they should remember what Coverton did rather then relive the same memory over and over.

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