In Dr. Cockroach's lab

Dr. Cockroach: (constructs something and then makes an evil laughter) Behold, my crowning achievement!

B.O.B.: Two thoughts. One, I love it. Two, where is it?

Dr. Cockroach: (bends his back) Down here.

Susan: (bends her knees) Oh, your new phone. Is something wrong with it Doctor C? Because I think that's gonna void the warranty?

Dr. Cockroach: Yes something's wrong! They advertise it as a smartphone, yet it is incapable of independent thought. So I did some tinkering and now, (flips a switch to hit a blue laser at the phone) this smartphone is a sentient phone. (laughs)

(Smarty becomes alive)

Dr. Cockroach: It's alive!

(Link, Susan, and B.O.B. gasp)

Smarty: (jumps on Dr. Cockroach's hands) Booting up. Stock market's down fifteen-point-four points, it's your turn on Wordzy, (buzzes) and you've got three new texts.

Dr. Cockroach: Why thank you, Smarty.

Susan: Doc, are you saying your phone is alive, like alive-alive?

Smarty: (turns around) Yep, and I'm jacked into the Internet twenty-four-seven. I know it all, literally.

Link: Oh yeah, (crosses his arms) then what is the atomic weight of rubidium?

Smarty: Eighty-five-point-four-six-seven-eight. (chuckles) Nailed it.

Link: I have no idea if that's right; I just wanted to sound smart. Is rubidium even a thing?

B.O.B.: Ooh, let me try. (moves closer to Smarty) If you're so smart, then what color am I?

Smarty: Blue.

B.O.B.: (blurbs and turns around in shock) Guys, Smarty knows everything.

Smarty: Of course! (jumps off of Dr. Cockroach) Daddy made me fully functional. (hugs Dr. Cockroach's leg)

Dr. Cockroach: Daddy?

(The half-hamster drinks and spits out a brown liquid, and then stares and squeaks at Smarty)

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