The Rule-Bot is a machine and the primary antagonist of the episodes My Monster, My Master and It Ruled With An Iron Fist. The Rule-Bot was played by James Urbaniak.


General Monger had the robot built during the cold-war to run the planet in the event of a nuclear holocaust, with said event having never come to past the robot was put into storage for nearly 70 years.

It Ruled With an Iron Fist

On one of the rare occasions that Monger went on a weekend vacation he left the Rule-Bot in charge in his steed and programmed it with every one of the base's rules and regulations. Unfortunately what he neglected to install into the machine was any way of enforcing these rules short of yelling in people's faces (and doing so constantly). When the monsters and aliens discovered this they celebrated their freedom with a party.

Unfortunately while in the middle of his "conqueror's dance" Coverton's Chair got away from Coverton and the Rule-Bot took advantage to install himself onto the chair and gained access to Coverton's vast arsenal of weapons using them to take the bulk of both teams. While Coverton reluctantly provides a distraction Susan Murphy sneaks her untied shoes onto the Rule-Bot leading it to short circuit from having violated it's own rules.

My Monster, My Master

While in search of parts to build a new video game console Dr. Cockroach and The Missing Link accidentally revives Rule-bot leading to a hostile take over of the base using mind control chips. Sta'abi was able to defeat the rogue robot by utilizing a highly unpredictable and irrational fighting style taught to her by B.O.B. she is able to fight and defeat the Rule-Bot with B.O.B.'s liquefied form.

Violations it knows

16-D: Unsanitary consumption. (It Ruled With an Iron Fist)

22-G: Butt naked in public area. (It Ruled With an Iron Fist)

34-B: Litterbug. (It Ruled With an Iron Fist)

34-D: Rolling on hangar floor. (My Monster, My Master)

37-A: Untied shoes. (It Ruled With an Iron Fist)

49-C: Mixing hazardous chemicals. (It Ruled With an Iron Fist)

54-C: Licking. (It Ruled With an Iron Fist)

81-F: Unnecessary loud ranting. (My Monster, My Master)

91-C: Unauthorized power cord. (My Monster, My Master)

H-404: Liquid in the Rule-Bot. (My Monster, My Master)

Unknown number: Containment violation. (My Monster, My Master)

Unknown number: Helmets not being worn during combat drills. (It Ruled With an Iron Fist)

Unknown number: Unaccompanied minor without hall pass. (It Ruled With an Iron Fist)

Unknown number: Feet on the table. (It Ruled With an Iron Fist)

Unknown number: Planning an invasion. (It Ruled With an Iron Fist)

Unknown number: Horseplay in work areas. (It Ruled With an Iron Fist)


  • Rule-Bot using the rules is similar to how Sheldon Cooper from the television series, The Big Bang Theory, uses the rules in the Roommate Agreement by being nit-picky if anyone violates a single rule.

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