It Came From Level Z is an episode of Monsters vs. Aliens. It aired on October 19, 2013.


After Susan moves in with Sqweep, the rest of Team Monster attempts to train a Zombie to clean up after them.


Noting the overwhelming messiness of Team Monster's habits Susan Murphy decides to move into Sqweep's room in order to teach them a lesson. Without Susan's constant cleaning efforts the mess quickly spirals out of control leading to the monsters to try and clean up the mess in a game of "trash ball." Susan soon discovers that her neat freak status lacks when compared to Sqweep, who regularly gives Susan a "molecular scrub."

Unfortunately at Dr. Cockroach's current projections they won't be done cleaning until over six years have passed. Worst yet B.O.B. loses his eye down a ventilation shaft in the cross fire. Following the eye down the group stumbles upon a series of Cryogenic tubes storing a large collection of Zombies. According to a information video the group finds in 1968 a zombie outbreak occurred.

With the Zombies lack of durability and virulent nature they were deemed poor candidates for Team Monster and instead they were all put into storage in "Level Z." According to Dr. Cockroach they can train one of the Zombies as a house keeper butler and recommends a specimen, dubbed Drools, who has lost all of his teeth thus preventing him from infecting them.

Thanks to B.O.B.'s knowledge of the zombie language the group are able to work out a deal where Drools cleans and in exchange they give him a smoothie made of various rotten foods on a regular basis. The plan works smoothly until in a another game of Garbage Hockey the group knocks drools head off down into the shaft. While in Level Z Drools accidentally frees his zombie brethren starting a zombie apocalypse in the base.

Left with no other option the three Messy monsters go to Susan for help whom uses a high powered vacuum cleaner in Sqweep's possession and the base's ventilation system to suck up all the Zombies and deposit their remains in the Messhall, assigning her teammates the task of cleaning them up, thus leading to a game of "Zombie Ball."


It Came From Level Z/Script


  • This is one of the darkest episodes of the series, several base personnel are shown being infected by the Zombie hoard thereby dying and being reanimated as Zombies.
  • A computer game based of this episode hit a long time before this episode aired.


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