The Evil Pineapple
General information



Dr Cockroach (Creator)

Behind the scenes
Voiced by

Dee Bradley Baker



Television series

Monsters vs Aliens


The Evil Pineapple is a minor antagonist that appeared in episode 5 of the TV Series.


The Fruit of All Evil

After The Missing Link accidentally ate B.O.B.'s 'girlfriend' Diane while watching a basketball game, Susan and Dr. Cockroach set out to make a new one.

Realizing that they were fresh out of Pineapple Dr. Cockroach decided to improvise. Salvaging some left over Pineapple from a trash can Dr. Cockroach attempted to use mad science to grow it into a new one.

The end result is a voracious pineapple creature that attempted to eat Susan before being kicked out of the base. After catching up with B.O.B. and Link the creature destroyed their car and ate B.O.B.

Luckily the creature couldn't digest the indestructible blob of goo and exploded.

Powers And Abilities

The Evil Pineapple is incredibly strong and is shown to be very durable as he is able to withstand multiple hits by boulders.


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