Dr. Cutter is a mad scientist who used to visit Area 5? to upgrade the base's technology. However she reveals that she has a secret agenda to dissect Coverton's brain to learn the secret to telekinesis. When she 1st appeared in The Mystery of Dr. Cutter, Ginormica was skeptical to B.O.B.'s accusations of her being a bad guy, till she caught her attempting to smuggle the alien and was caught by B.O.B. and was arrested. In her last appearance, Race to the End...Zone!, she caused an accident between Coverton and The Missing Link. While Susan, B.O.B. and the majority of the military were in the football game, Cutter tried to procure the crippled alien. This time, it was Link who bested her, even with a busted head fin. He blinded her only eye, which made her as incapacitated as him. When she was defeated, Link also won the game for General Monger. She's got a unusually, hyper-happy personality that allows her to survive in a vent for 3 months. She's got an advanced robotic left eye that can scan, fire metal bindings and other advantages. She is voiced by (And has a lot in resemblance to) Amy Sedaris.

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