The army drones are enemies that appear in the wii console, PS2 and DS versions of the Video Game. They are encountered by B.O.B. and the Missing Link.

Ryan photo load 1 016

The army drones


In the game, the army drones serve as the robotic security force in the monster containment facility at Area Fifty-Something. They also serve as part of the internal defenses of the Avenger Robot. There are four types of Army Drones, each of them attack differently. and the different kind of drones are alien drones. the other alien drone the big one is known as the inspect drone.

Standard Drone

This type of drone attacks at close range by going up to B.O.B or The Missing Link and then electrocuting them with its claws.

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Standard Drone

Laser Drone

This type of drone attacks at long range by standing at a fair distance from B.O.B or The Missing Link and then firing a red laser at them.

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laser drone

Flying Drone

This type of drone uses a jetpack to enable it to fly. It hovers around B.O.B or The Missing Link and attacks them by firing a laser.

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Flying Drone

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