Area Fifty-Something is the secret place where the monsters and the aliens are usually seen. It is run by General Monger. Originally built as a monster prison in order to keep them a secret, its function changed after the Gallaxhar invasion.


  • It was introduced in the film and fully named in the pilot episode, Welcome to Area Fifty-Something.
  • It is confirmed by the book The Art of Monsters vs. Aliens that Area Fifty-Something is the same facility the monsters where held in before the arrival of Gallaxhar.
  • It is revealed in When Nature Shrieks and by looking at General Monger's uniform that the simple way of spelling Area fifty-something is Area 5?.
  • To keep secrets, Monger distracts the visitors with a hot air balloon as revealed in The Friend Who Wasn't There.
  • There are a number of employees, one of them is named Henry.
  • It has a football field for an occasional bout with the President's secret service.
  • In a reference to the classic film The Amazing Colossal Man, one soldier was wounded by a giant tranquilizer thrown by Ginormica.



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