The alien drones are enemies encountered in DS and Wii and PS2 game console Monsters vs Aliens game. They serve as internal defenses to the giant alien robots and the security force of Gallaxhars spaceship. There are two groups of alien drones, small ones and larger ones and each have different ways of attack.

Small Drones:

These drones are encountered by B.O.B and the Missing Link, some are ground based and can be easily defeated single handed but deadly in large groups.

Melee Drone:

The most common drone, a brown drone with a single large screen which turns from white to green when it spots a threat, it attacks by going up to B.O.B or The Missing Link and electrocuting them with its claw or headbutting them. Its revealed in some levels these drones can combine themselves together to form a massive Drone Golem.

Laser Drone:

A blue drone that attacks by standing at a distance and shooting a laser at B.O.B or The Missing Link.

Freezer Drone:

A white drone that's encountered by The Missing Link, it attacks like the Laser Drone but shoots a freeze ray that will freeze and trap the Missing Link in a coat of ice that will will gradually remove his health unless he breaks free quickly. 

Flying Drone

A red drone that uses a jetpack allowing it to fly, it attacks by shooting a laser or with a tractor beam if B.O.B or The Missing Link stands under them.

Maintenance Drone

A yellow drone encountered by B.O.B, a drone sports a welding torch and a vaccum cleaner it doesn't attack directly but will try and hinder B.O.B's progress by reactivating pressure switches. 

Eye Drones

These drones are encountered by B.O.B when he mans a plasma turret, they appear huge walls protecting the target B.O.B has to destroy whether it be a power generator or larger boss drone. They attack by shooting red laser beams in a certain pattern and B.O.B must shield himself at the right time to avoid getting zapped, they also appear it three different colours, white ones can easily destroyed, red ones are explosive and black ones are armoured taking longer to destroy. 

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